Volunteers needed for Maldon High Street

Maldon District Council are looking for volunteers to help us support businesses and residents to enable safe use of Maldon High Street as COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are lifted. If you are interested in supporting your local community apply today at: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=VH_RilQmuUumwvI0YlcqFFFhEFcIEbZJviept9QFZqRUQUIxTVJWVVVUVU5HV1FHWEEwNk9HRkY0TC4u

Volunteering role – High St Marshal

Planning Applications

Details of planning applications can be accessed through the Maldon District Council website, by clicking the button below or contact them on 01621 854477.

Residents can comment on any planning application (comments must relate to planning issues) by writing or email, please click on the Guidance button below for further information.